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*      Background Checks

Real-time Background Checks: Conduct real-time, legally compliant background checks that include: Criminal, Credit, Civil, Driving, SSN and Address Verification, Federal Criminal/Civil including many International Courts. Ask about our special Background Check calledSweepAlert™!”


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*      Hotline Services


Employee and Customer Hotline Services: The Reporting Party calls 1-888-888-8-FIX and/or can visit and report their comments or concerns—good or bad! Reports include ethical issues, fraud, theft, harassment, drug use, etc. They can also talk to a live Representative at 1-800-TALK-LPC (TALK LivePrivatelyConfidentially)


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*      Training and Continuing Education


Expert Training/Continuing Education: Continuing Education and Training for Business Owners, Private Investigators, HR Professionals Loss Prevention and Security. Material developed by experts through extensive research, and thousands of hours of field application since 1984.


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*     Memberships

Loss Prevention Membership: BWS is interactive software that is designed to help the Client resolve sensitive issues such as theft, fraud, harassment, investigations, etc. in an ethical and legal manner. BWS is Case Management, Case Solution, Training, Hotline, Consulting software all-in-one!


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bullet Business Opportunity


The BlackWhole Solutions™ (BWS) opportunity is unique and includes a host of products and services that have been successfully used by companies throughout the United States since 1984. BWS provides a turn-key operation offering services that include Consulting, Real-time Background Checks, Hotline services, Case Management software, Video evidence analysis, CCTV Sales and Expert-level Training. BWS offers four levels of secure Client Membership Programs that cannot be found elsewhere.


NOTE: Not all who contact us will be accepted. Qualification requirements will be discussed during the application process.


BWS can be reached at 1-800-825-5572.


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*      CCTV


CCTV and much more! Sales…Service…Evidence Analysis…Electronic Mystery shopping and more! was established by security and loss prevention professionals with one purpose in mind: To answer the elusive question, “Now What?

If there was one question we have been asked repeatedly for decades it is “Now What?” We receive a call from a business that installed a CCTV system and upon reviewing the video finds that trusted employees are stealing from them.


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*      Investigations


Corporate Fraud Investigations must be performed by experience investigators. Corporate Combat, Inc. is a partner company with Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. (LPS) LPS was founded in 1984 with a single commitment… “Work closely with business owners to stop internal theft and shoplifting and fraud.” That commitment holds true to this day. Corporate Combat® is used in over 50 different types of industries from Hair Salons to Restaurants to Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities. Corporate Combat® is used in companies with as few as 5 employees to companies with over 25,000 employees!


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bullet Sample 2: Theft Ring Foiled

bullet Sample 3: 3 Day Interrogation - $20,000 Confession

bullet Sample 4: 5 Month Investigation $213,000 Confession – Case Study

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BlackWhole Solutions™ provides insight and advice to help you resolve a number of work-related issues. Our Newsletters address topics such as:


·         Body Language and Behavioral Analysis

·         Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques

·         Investigations

·         Shoplifting

·         Background Checks

·         Hotline Services

·         Termination and Hiring Practices

·         CCTV Evidence

·         Loss Prevention Concepts

·         Policy Development

·         Decision-making

·         Spotting Liars

·         Handwritten Confession Analysis

·         …much more!


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