BWS is interactive software that is designed to help the Client resolve sensitive issues such as theft, fraud, harassment, investigations, etc. in an ethical and legal manner. BWS is Case Management, Case Solution, Training, Hotline, Consulting software all-in-one!


About Us:


Corporate Combat, Inc. is a DBA under Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. Corporate Combat, Inc. does not provide investigative products or services. All such products and services are provided and performed by Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc., Minnesota license #507. LPS was founded in 1984 with a single commitment… “Work closely with business owners to stop internal theft and shoplifting and fraud.” That commitment holds true to this day. In fact, for over 35 years our clients have become increasingly more profitable by keeping more of their hard earned money out of the hands of dishonest employees. Loss Prevention Specialists has recovered millions of dollars in merchandise and cash that was once in the hands of thieves. We have also prevented the loss of millions of dollars of potential loss through our pro-active services such as Hotlines, Background Checks, Surveillance, Training and Consulting.

Loss Prevention Specialists have a proven history of detecting, investigating, interrogating and arresting thousands of people involved in employee theft. These dishonest employees no longer pose a threat to their employer and are not likely to be a threat to future employers.

How did we create our products and services? We are trained in the “art” of Corporate Combat® to deal with any type of personality and behavior. We know how to confront and deal with hotheads, schmoozers, threat throwers, bullies, flatterers, manipulators, introverts, you name it, we have dealt with it thousands of times. In fact, Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. conducted thousands of internal investigations resulting in nearly 4,000 interrogations that lead to the taking of handwritten confessions from 99.96% of those interrogated. The data that was provided from those who actually committed the fraud and theft led to the proprietary development of Loss Prevention products and services and the creation of a program called Corporate Combat.

In September of 1999, Corporate Combat was established with one purpose in mind—to create a delivery system using the Internet that would prevent a variety of business losses ranging from fraud to poor customer service. Within a relatively short period of time, Corporate Combat® has become a proven, online loss prevention command system that provides an arsenal of products and services specifically designed for use in any type or size of business.


Corporate Combat® is used in over 50 different types of industries from Hair Salons to Restaurants to Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities. Corporate Combat® is used in companies with as few as 5 employees to companies with over 100,000 employees! So, if your company offers hair care services, makes widgets, sells clothes, serves food, provides loans, offers any type of service, sells gifts, whatever it is that you produce or sell, you are at risk and Corporate Combat® will help reduce that risk substantially for a price that is surprisingly affordable. 

If you are a business owner or manager who requires expert-level help or advice in establishing a proven loss prevention and retail security program, then Corporate Combat® is a wise choice.

Types of Businesses that use the Products and Services of Corporate Combat® 

• Airport Shops
• Appliance Centers
• Auto Parts Stores
• Bars/nightclubs
• Beauty Supply Shops
• Bingo Halls
• Boat Dealerships
• Boutiques
• Bowling Centers
• Candy Shops
• Car Dealerships
• City Municipalities
• Clothing Stores
• Computer Companies
• Convenience Stores 

• Copy Centers
• Delis
• Drug Stores
• Electronic Companies
• Equipment Rental Outlets
• Farm Equipment Suppliers
• Fast Food Companies
• Florists
• Foodservice
• Furniture Showrooms
• Gift Shops
• Grocery Stores
• Hair Salons
• Hardware Stores
• Import Companies

• Jewelry Stores
• Kids Toy Stores
• Kiosk Operators
• Liquor Stores
• Liquidators
• Manufacturing
• Mortgage Companies
• Music Outlets
• Novelty Outlets
• Nutrition Stores
• Outdoors Equipment
• Optical Clinics
• Paper Products Suppliers
• Pawn Shops
• Photo Stores

• Recycling Plants
• Restaurants
• Security Company
• Service Stations
• Specialty Shops
• Sporting Goods
• Tanning Salons
• Tobacco Stores
• Theatres
• Variety Shops
• Video Stores
• Warehouses
• Wireless Phone Suppliers

• And more...