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Some of our Satisfied Clients:


  • Jordache

  • NASDAQ Market Makers Antitrust Settlement Fund

  • C.H. Robinson Worldwide

  • Associated Bank, N.A.   

  • Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

  • ING North America

  • …and scores of others!



Minnesota Department of Public Safety & Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

State of MN Board of Private Detectives & Protective Agents Division

License#: 507

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Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

License holder: William H. Urban, CEO, Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc.



Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota & North Dakota

Rating: A+






We are Loss Prevention Experts...


Since 1999, we have been investigating unclaimed assets.  If you have been contacted it’s because we have identified an asset to which you have direct tangible interest.  We encourage you to invest a small amount of due-diligence and promise you an outcome that will be well worth your time.


The identified asset is formerly associated with a past vendor, unrelated to any current transaction, and is now controlled by an agency mandated only to “safeguard” the content and value.  We’ve made advance efforts to protect your interests and are prepared to streamline your recovery of this asset while saving you time and money.


Our expertise is focused on one goal: Your successful recovery of this asset.  Our services have resulted in bona-fide recoveries—ranging from $50 to over $1.2 million dollars.  Here is what our team will do for you:


  • Provide expert assistance by a licensed and bonded professional

  • All costs, fees and expenses fully compensated under a set contingent fee arrangement

  • No obligation if the asset is non-recoverable for any reason

  • Full amount delivered directly to you


Call Direct:

(941) 281-2355


Begin the process now!


Minnesota Corporate: 1-800-825-5572

Corporate Email:

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