Corporate Fraud Investigations must be performed by experience investigators.


Corporate Combat, Inc. is a partner company with Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. (LPS) LPS was founded in 1984 with a single commitment… “Work closely with business owners to stop internal theft and shoplifting and fraud.” That commitment holds true to this day.


Corporate Combat® is used in over 50 different types of industries from Hair Salons to Restaurants to Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities. Corporate Combat® is used in companies with as few as 5 employees to companies with over 25,000 employees!

The first video is that of a professional shoplifter. She is so obvious that the employees do not see what she is doing right in front of their eyes! It's also possible they were so intimidated by the bold behavior that they didn't know how to respond. The pro is observed to use several types of distraction techniques quite effectively. Watch closely and see if you can spot them. She stole well over $400 worth of product and returns all of it nearly immediately after she steals it. Watch as she goes back and forth to the product counter and back to the register while consistently interacting with the employees. This video was not staged and is not a 'training video' although it can be used as one!

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 1: 5-hour Interrogation

 2: Theft Ring Foiled

 3: 3-Day Interrogation - $20,000 Confession

 4: Trust the Results

 5: 5-Month Investigation $213,000 Confession – Case Study (Video)

 6: Crack Me Up! (Video)

 7: Movie Man (Video)

 8: Meal Ticket (Video)

 9: Sleight of Hand (Video)

 10: That's the Ticket (Video)

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Professional Shoplifter

Professional Shoplifter

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5-Month Investigation

5-Month Investigation

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Crack Me Up!

Crack Me Up!

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