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Employee and Customer Hotline Services:


The Reporting Party calls 1-888-888-8-FIX and/or can visit and report their comments or concerns—good or bad! Reports include ethical issues, fraud, theft, harassment, drug use, etc.


They can also talk to a live Representative at 1-800-TALK-LPC (TALK Live Privately Confidentially)


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Corporate Combat's Hotline services are used by Employees to report policy violations such as sexual harassment or illegal drug use. Employees will also report fraud and theft in the workplace. The Hotline service is also used by Customers to report their experience while shopping in your store. Whether the service was a "bad haircut" or a "fantastic restaurant experience," you will know immediately since the report will be sent to you unedited and in real-time so you can respond accordingly.

Hotlines are often called Tip Hotline, Ethics Hotline, Employee Theft Hotline, Theft Hotline, Fraud Hotline, Customer Service Hotline, or Anonymous Hotline. Bottom line: Hotlines are extremely effective in reducing theft and fraud in the workplace. Workplace Hotlines are also highly effective in pinpointing customer service problems. Employee and Customer hotlines bring important issues to your attention in a timely manner that allows you to address problems and resolve them quickly and legally.

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